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About Us

It all started with a dream and a donkey called Bob way back in 2013.

Before my husband and I bought the farm and tied the knot, Bobby boy, my most beloved donkey was adopted by us and the rest was history. We got married, bought the farm, built our house and had two beautiful daughters within the space of 5 years. All our dreams had come true and we then had enough of a breather to focus on a few new adventures. My love of Darling, it’s community and of people was the perfect combination to start Darling Views accommodation on the farm, giving us the opportunity to share our magical little farm and village. That is how Darling Views was born.

We hope to welcome you soon to come and enjoy our cozy village, farm life and all of our crazy and unique animals. It’s hard to say who is the most famous here on Darling Towers farm, Bob our donkey or Alphie our alpaca, both with a fluffy white coats and both as handsome as can be. We have a range of animals on the farm starting with the smallest, the chickens, sheep, goats, donkeys and cattle. So if you love the out doors and animals, this is the place for you.

When visiting, bring along your bicycles or walking shoes and enjoy exploring the farm and surrounding attractions. Chances are that Billy and Hilly Clinton, our goats will join you for a walk to our forest surrounding and dam (only wet in the raining season). Bob and his two girls could appear for a good scratch or a kiss on the nose.

Well, that is it from the Steyn family.

We hope to welcome you to Darling and the farm real soon.

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